EvolvED focuses on how organizations and corporations engage actively in the collective whole. We believe that both social entrepreneurship and competency-based enablement, coupled with good business sense, listening skills, education, and our hard earned experience, have the potential to change both the world and your bottom line growth. Radically. For the better.

We pay particular attention to how strategic social entrepreneurship plays out in the area of education, policy, and the ever changing workforce. We believe that encouraging entrepreneurship and leadership in education directly translates into ownership and leadership in the workplace. 

To make us the best in the business, EvolvED consists of only the highest caliber of people.



Amanda Antico

Our Founder

Amanda Antico is a  social entrepreneur and consultant with  vast experience as an  educational and organizational development strategist. Amanda is is also a veteran of marketing and business development.Her more than 30 years of career experience is devoted to creating and sustaining entrepreneurial and innovative communities. Amanda began her career as a Director at AAHE, expanding the TLT Roundtable program to 700 universities around the country. After earning a  doctorate in social impact  Amanda has taken a consistent, theory-meets-practice, evidence-based approach to innovative impact. She has founded, cofounded, and led multiple social-impact organizations, including two public benefit corporations (PBCs). She has a deep, abiding confidence in the ability of economic enterprise to drive societal change, and has helped dozens of companies pursue their goals with discipline and purpose.

In 2015, Amanda founded EvolvED Global: a competency based education company that connects and educates impact investors, academic talent, practitioners, and experienced mentors to substantially increase the success rate of social enterprises. In her role at EvolvED Consulting, which is the consulting side of EvolvED, she leads a team of social engineers who serve as the market catalyst to connect the doers, educators and policy makers from both the for-profit and nonprofit community with one another.

Amanda teaches at the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania.

Emily Headshot_CircleTransparent

Emily Holmes


Emily has been an integral part of EvolvED since its inception. As an advisor, she leverages her extensive expertise to guide strategic decisions, foster collaboration, and drive impactful outcomes. Emily’s multifaceted background spans education, non-profit work, legal consulting, defense contracting, and local government. Her passion lies in creating positive change and empowering organizations to thrive. Emily holds a degree in Advertising & Public Relations from Pennsylvania State University.


Portia Pusey

Consultant, Education & Evaluation

Dr. Portia Pusey provides research development services to improve organizational capacity. She has published works relating to her work operating and evaluating educational/outreach activities, mapping curriculum to national workforce frameworks, and developing and validating instruments that assess proficiency and aligns competencies with job performance requirements. Her thorough research skills also provide detailed funding analyses for organizations, guide evidence-based decision making, vision development, and improved learning outcomes.


Samantha LaCour

Graphic Designer

Samantha serves as the graphic designer working to create visuals that communicate each client’s needs quickly and efficiently. She assists in bridging the creative gap so clients can visualize their next steps and ultimately reach their full potential. Working as a freelance designer the heart of Samantha’s work is to help a variety of diverse clients craft their brand’s story in a meaningful way. Aiming to enhance, empower, and educate through quality design.


Termeh Rassi

Strategy Consultant

Termeh’s passion is innovation and organizational transformation. She has more than 20 years of experience developing frameworks to analyze markets, vet strategies, and assess organizational effectiveness. Throughout her career, she has helped executive teams bridge the gap between “here” and “there.” Her love for solving puzzles has led her from technology companies such as AOL to nascent start-ups such as Academic Benchmarks to established Fortune 500 organizations such as Sallie Mae, to leading nonprofits such as National Geographic Society where she managed a portfolio of 11 award-winning impact programs covering diverse topics from conservation to genetics.

Termeh is an advisor to individuals and organizations globally, helping them transform by using innovation frameworks and scalable practices to develop new offerings, establish new teams or secure new sources of funding.
Termeh earned a Master’s degree from Georgetown University’s Communication, Culture and Technology program, where her work focused on the intersection of society and technology. She holds a B.A. from George Washington University’s Elliott School, where she was a GWU scholar. She currently serves on the board of Wildlife Direct, a Kenyan based conservation nonprofit, and IACC, a small community-based nonprofit located in Vienna, VA. 

Eliza Spang


Eliza loves education and learning. She has 20 years of experience in education, as a teacher, school and learning designer, researcher, and higher education and business leader in Massachusetts, New York, and California. Her work has focused on reimagining and unlocking learning for all ages at public and charter schools, education nonprofits, top universities, and a range of start-up, mid-size and Fortune 500 companies. With her experience in K-12, higher education, and professional learning, she has deep insights about each of these education spaces and how connecting strengths across these spaces could transform learning for all ages.

She holds a PhD in Curriculum and Teacher Education from Stanford University, a MAT in Secondary Biology from Duke University, and a BA in biology from Middlebury College. She lives with her husband in Concord, MA with their son, daughter, and hilarious black lab, River. Last, but not least, she loves doing anything outdoors in any season!

Julia Longo


Julia Longo serves as a consultant working to EvolvED. She has a wide array of experience working in the non-profit space for both small business and larger governing entities, including the NCAA. Her work has focused on writing and research to support proposal development and general strategy pieces. Julia holds a BA in international relations from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Megan Peiffer


Megan is a licensed attorney with over 18 years of federal and state public policy experience in government affairs and public affairs, business development, nonprofit fundraising, as well as program development and implementation. Prior to joining EvolvED, Megan held positions such as Director of World Trade Center Denver’s Global Trade Activator Program and Director of Workforce & Immigration Policy at the Colorado Business Roundtable. She also currently serves as the National Director of Strategic Initiatives for State Business Executives. Megan has lobbied at the federal and state levels and has also managed complex client accounts in the development and execution of national multifaceted issue advocacy campaigns on behalf of Fortune 50 corporations and national trade associations and organizations.


EvolvED has a cadre of consultants who work closely with us on our project and assist in adding elements to our periodic table.  We pay special attention to matching skills and personality of our team members with our clients evolving needs as they navigate the Social Entrepreneurial Terrain. EvolvED consultants all hold Masters or Doctorate degrees and are dedicated to living by the same values and principles that EvolvED practices every day. To learn more about our consultant selection process or to join the list of qualified consultants, please contact Amanda at amanda@evolvedglobal.com

OUR Research and Academic Work

Our Network is our gold standard. NOTHING, and we mean NOTHING, can get done in the entrepreneurial conditions in which we find ourselves without our network. Our network has many layers, and we are fortunate to have many walks of life working with us. Technologists, academics, government officials, financial experts, designers, grant writers, students, facilitators, entrepreneurs, lawyers, photographers, even storytellers—you name it, we have someone in our network that makes us stronger in that area.