EvolvED is a committed team of social engineers and educators who serve as market catalysts in both the for-profit and nonprofit arenas. The common thread for all of our clients is that they serve as catalysts who embrace the unexpected but necessary changes to assure growth and impact for their organizations. EvolvED facilitates and embraces those change makers through our service offerings.  For almost 30 years, we have guided the re-evaluation of organizations to achieve their stated goals. And sometimes, we help them create those goals.

We are strategists, business development professionals, marketers, educators, researchers, relationship builders, fundraisers, event planners, content creators, and data analysts. We have a deep expertise in how to forge strong connections to create successful campaigns and customized experiences in the technology, finance, pharma, legal, and non-profit industries. Our Network is our gold standard. NOTHING, and we mean NOTHING, can get done in the entrepreneurial conditions in which we find ourselves without our network. Our network has many layers, and we are fortunate to have many walks of life working with us. Technologists, academics, government officials, financial experts, designers, grant writers, students, facilitators, entrepreneurs, lawyers, photographers, even storytellers—you name it, we have someone in our network that makes us, and ultimately our clients, stronger. 

As a small and mighty boutique consulting firm based in Washington DC, we are deeply committed to creating real change.  We educate, implement,  and assure that the organizations that we work with create sustainable and replicable strategies for growth and development. Our clients range from large corporations seeking out competency based solutions for their employees to social impact organizations that are seeking funding and ways to measure their impact. Our work is centered around the  “competency equation.’ It is centered around our first question: Why?  We seek to learn the Why behind every one of our projects.